Parent Aid North West tailors its services to first time parents, parents with more than one and parents of multiples

Post-Natal Care

Parent Aid North West provides a free postnatal
care service to families who have just had a baby,
particularly those Mothers recovering from a
Caesarean Section. We can tailor our support to
reflect your family requirements so Mum can focus on
herself and the needs of her newborn.

Multiple Birth Home Help

This service is for a family with toddlers who then
have twins. We are able to provide up to 240 hours
of practical home help by utilising a MSD subsidy.
Essentially this help is the same as our postnatal care
service, but reflective of each family’s specific needs.

General Home Help

Parent Aid North West is able to provide free practical
home help to families with babies and children under
5 years old within the North West Rodney and South
Kaipara region. Our focus is addressing the needs of
parents that are experiencing postnatal depression,
anxiety, overwhelm and stress, rural isolation, sleep
deprivation, accident, illness or general hardship.
We assist with general household duties, meal
preparation, child care, and can help with transport,
so that parents can attend medical and well-being

Funded and Paid Services

Parent Aid North West can assist with subsidy hours funded by the Ministry of Health (Carer Support), Work and Income (Home Help), IF Funding Allocation hours and ACC. We also work with families who are eligible for the Twins and Toddler subsidy. Please contact us for more information.

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