Parent Aid North West tailors its services to first time parents, parents with more than one and parents of multiples

What if a member of my household or I am unwell?

For our Home Support Workers safety and to avoid spreading illness to other clients, we ask if anyone in your household is unwell that you contact us prior to 5pm the day before your visit to re-schedule your appointment. This cancellation policy remains the same for any contagious illness, whether it be COVID 19, Cold or Flu symptoms or any Gastro Bugs.

Is Parent Aid North West open during the Christmas season?

No. We are closed from Friday 20th December 2024 and reopen on Monday 13th January 2024. You may leave a message on the landline (09) 420-7002, 0800 222 402 or ph/txt the mobile (027) 544-1450 and you will be contacted in the first week back.

How do I know if I am eligible to use Parent Aid North West?

If you live in North West Auckland and have a preschool child or children, a baby or are pregnant then you are automatically eligible for Parent Aid North West’s assistance.

If I am a first time mum, can I prearrange my Parent Aid North West visit before the baby is born?

Absolutely, the sooner the better. Simply fill in the form and we will book you in. Closer to your due date we will contact you to confirm your appointment.

Can I use Parent Aid North West more than once?

Yes, you can. How often parents use Parent Aid depends on their individual situation.

Tell me more about the Parent Aid Home Support Worker who will help me in my home?

The person who comes to your home is an experienced parent and trained Parent Aid Home Support Worker. All our staff are trained in First Aid and experienced in raising a family and running a household, they will be able to quickly fit into your routine and help you in the best possible way.

How can the service be free?

Parent Aid North West is a registered charity that receives funding from trusts such as Community Organisations Grant Scheme (COGS), Foundation North, Helensville Birthing Centre, New Zealand Lottery Grants Board, Catholic Caring Foundation, Lister Presbyterian Health Trust and Pub Charity Limited. It is through the generosity of these funders and donations that we are able to provide a free service to the community.

Can I make a donation?

Yes! You can either make a donation via the Donate button at the top of this page, which will direct you to our Givealittle page. Alternatively, you can contact Parent Aid North West directly. Visit our Contact page for details. We are registered with the NZ Charities Commission so we can also provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.


If you would like to support Parent Aid North West please email

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