Parent Aid North West is a not-for-profit organisation that recognises how important parents are to a healthy New Zealand. Since 2002 we have provided free home help to parents living in North West Auckland (anywhere from Kumeu, Riverhead, Muriwai through to Sth Head, Helensville, Waitoki and Glorit) with a new baby or preschooler.

Our staff are all experienced parents themselves who understand the joys and demands of parenthood. They are fully trained in first-aid and come prepared to assist in the home with tasks from preparing meals, to light household jobs to child care.

Every parent with a new baby or preschooler living in North West Auckland is entitled to use the free service offered by Parent Aid North West. Simply call 0800 222 402 or click here to make a booking.


As parents, we understand how busy family life can be and that every good parent needs a hand now and then to continue to be the best parent they can be. 

We also know that providing support within the family home is best for everyone, which is why we offer an at-home service. Children can be cared for in their own environment or we can assist with light household tasks or prepare meals allowing the parent to take a break or catch up on much needed sleep. 


Parent Aid North West’s vision is strong healthy families throughout North West Auckland.

Our Mission is to support the role of parents as an important part of a healthy NZ Society by providing free practical help to families that have the responsibility for the everyday care of preschool children.

To make a booking click here.




 From left to right: Shelley, Elanie, Kim, Josephine, Gabriella & Beverley.

From left to right: Kim.

From left to right: Shelley, Elanie, Josephine, Beverley & Gabriella.


Kim Gordon – Manager 

Kim joined Parent Aid North West in February of 2013.  You will hear her friendly voice when you call as Kim is the go-between for families and the team of Home Support Workers. In addition Kim is responsible for the funding and financial aspects of the organisation. Kim has raised her own family of three in the Helensville district and been a contributing member of the South Kaipara community for over 20 years. She is connected to many of the community groups also working here and is passionate about supporting parents and Parent Aid.


Home Support Workers

Gabriella, Shelley, Elanie, Josephine and Beverley are the Home Support Workers who will come out and assist you in your home. They are all experienced mothers themselves as well as paid professionals who receive ongoing training and support. As one satisfied client said: “It’s just like having a friend coming to visit and giving me a hand”. You will find that Parent Aid North West Home Support Workers are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

How do I know if I am eligible to use Parent Aid North West?

If you live in North West Auckland and have a preschool child or children, a baby or are pregnant then you are automatically eligible for Parent Aid North West's assistance. Simply click here to book.

If I am a first time mum can I prearrange my Parent Aid North West visit before the baby is born?

Absolutely, the sooner the better. Simply fill in the form and we will book you in. Closer to your due date we will contact you to confirm your appointment.

Can I use Parent Aid North West more than once?

Yes you can. How often parents use Parent Aid depends on their individual situation.

Tell me more about the Parent Aid Home Support Worker who will help me in my home?

The person who comes to your home is an experienced parent and trained Parent Aid Home Support Worker. They will wear a Parent Aid North West badge with their name so you can identify them but apart from that they will be like any other person visiting your home. Trained in first aid and experienced in raising a family and running a household, they will be able to quickly fit into your routine and help you in the best possible way.

How can the service be free?

Parent Aid North West is a registered charity that receives funding from trusts such as ASB Community Trust, Community Organisations Grant Scheme (COGS), Helensville Birthing Centre, New Zealand Lotteries, Ministry of Social Development, Rodney & Hibiscus Coast Subdivision Local Board Funding Subcommittee, Catholic Caring and others.  It is through the generosity of these funders and donations that we are able to provide a free service to the community.

If you would like to support Parent Aid North West please email