Parent Aid North West tailors its services to first time parents, parents with more than one and parents of multiples.


At Parent Aid North West we know that looking forward to the birth of your first child can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Once the baby is born, all of your energy will go into looking after baby, recovering from childbirth and catching up on sleep!

As a parent-to-be, living in North West Auckland you are entitled to 8 hours of free at-home help as soon as your baby is born. Mums often use this over 4 visits (2 hours each) providing them with regular support when needed.

The Parent Aid Home Support Worker takes care of light household tasks, meals, washing, whatever allows Mum to focus on her needs and those of her newborn.

Many new mums like to get organised before the big day, so please book now and we’ll confirm closer to your due date. 




Households with preschool children are always busy, and even busier when there are older siblings as well.

Parent Aid North West is able to provide up 12 hours' at-home help for any parent living in North West Auckland with at least one child under 5 years. If the family has a newborn in the house this can be increased if required.  

The Parent Aid Home Support Worker comes equipped with a large box of educational and fun toys and is ready to assist with light household tasks around the house to give Mum or Dad a break. Meals can be made and frozen, and vacuuming and laundry done to lighten the load. 


Being the parent of twins or triplets can be extremely busy particularly during the pre-school years. For many families with multiples there are also other siblings stretching the parenting demands even further.

Our experience in supporting parents with multiples is that many hands make light work, whether it is helping mum while feeding the babies, playing with other children in the home or cooking and freezing family meals.

During the babies first year, Parent Aid North West is able to provide up to 240 hours' at-home service for parents of multiples who also have a toddler at home.