Parenting is one of life’s greatest experiences and at times one of the most challenging! As the parent, your little one will look to you for love, understanding, support and guidance 24/7 which is not always easy.

Parent Aid North West is a free at-home service for parents  - we give parents a hand when they have their hands full. We work with first time mums while they establish breast-feeding, look after their newborn and recover from childbirth. We can also provide help for parents who have a young, growing family of little ones where life can get extremely busy.

We're here if a parent gets sick, suffers an accident or finds themselves in a situation where they need support, or for parents with twins or triplets (or more) who need many hands from time to time.


Thank you Parent Aid team for all your support since having my daughter, its been great. As someone who doesn’t have family close by to help out, I found the extra pair of hands invaluable.


I’m pregnant with my fourth child and have been very sick with Hyperemesis which requires regular visits to the doctor. My daughter looks forward to Parent Aid coming as much as I do!